Myria Stack

The components of the Myria stack are intergrated in an online service used in practice by a number of groups in the sciences.

We presented a demo of Myria at SIGMOD 2014:

D. Halperin, V. T. Almeida, L. L. Choo, S. Chu, P. Koutris, D. Moritz, J. Ortiz, V. Ruamviboonsuk, J. Wang, A. Whitaker, S. Xu, M. Balazinska, B. Howe, and D. Suciu. Demonstration of the Myria Big Data Management Service, SIGMOD 2014.

The whole Myria stack was published at CIDR 2017:

Jingjing Wang, Tobin Baker, Magdalena Balazinska, Daniel Halperin, Brandon Hayes, Bill Howe, Dylan Hutchinson, Shrainik Jain, Ryan Maas, Parmita Mehta, Dominik Moritz, Brandon Myers, Jennifer Ortiz, Dan Suciu, Andrew Whittaker, and Shengliang Xu. The Myria Big Data Management and Analytics System and Cloud Service, CIDR 2017.