Getting Started with Myria

There are three ways you can quickly get started using Myria. We describe each method below.

Using the Myria Demo Service

The UW Database Group hosts a demonstration Myria service: We highly recommend this option for new Myria users to get a sense of Myria. The demo service runs on Amazon EC2 with four instances, so it is not capable of doing any heavy work.

Launching your own Myria Amazon Cluster (EC2)

For real data analysis, we recommend launching your own Amazon cluster. Instructions are here.

Launching a Local Installation of Myria

If you’re interested in running a local version of Myria on your own personal machine (primarily for those interested in Myria development), instructions are here.

How to Use Myria

There are two ways to interact with Myria through the browser:

  1. Myria-Web.
  2. Jupyter/IPython Notebook.

If you are using the Myria Demo Service, you can access Myria-Web here and the Jupyter/IPyton Notebook by clicking on the Jupyter Notebook tab.

If you launch your own Myria Amazon cluster, an instance of Myria-Web and Jupyter/IPython Notebook are created automatically for you. If the deployment is successful, you will be provided with links to each of these options.

Questions, issues, problems

You are welcome to check our GitHub issues page and post your problems there. We will take care of them!