Myria Big Data as a Service

Myria is a distributed, shared-nothing Big Data management system and Cloud service from the University of Washington. We derive requirements from real users and complex workflows, especially in science.

As of August 2018, the Myria project has officially concluded. While resources are minimal, we will work to continue answering questions and support the public codebase.

Deploy your own Myria cluster

Extracting knowledge out of Big Data today is a high-touch business, requiring a human expert who deeply understands the application domain as well as a growing ecosystem of complex distributed systems and advanced statistical methods. These experts are hired in part for their statistical expertise, but report that the majority of their time is spent scaling and optimizing the relatively basic data manipulation tasks in preparation for the actual statistical analysis or machine learning step: identifying relevant data, cleaning, filtering, joining, grouping, transforming, extracting features, and evaluating results.

Screenshot of the Myria web interface

Screenshot of the Myria web interface

The Myria project focuses on building a new system called MyriaDB for Big Data Management that is both fast and flexible, offering this system as a cloud service, and addressing both the theoretical and systems challenges associated with Big Data Management as a Cloud service.

Myria is open source: Myria DB Web frontend Myria Python API Relational Algebra COmpiler

Myria is developed and operated by the database group and the eScience institute at the University of Washington.

We also have other projects related to Big Data management. See our overview page. And be sure to see our CSE-wide efforts in Big Data