Big Data Management as a Cloud Service

An important focus of Myria is not just on managing Big Data but on doing so using a Cloud service. We are thus studying various aspects of this problem.


We are studying a new type of SLA that will enable Cloud providers to offer Big Data Management and Analytics as a service with a more user-friendly and performance-friendly service-level agreement (SLA).

Today’s pricing models and SLAs are described at the level of compute resources (instance-hours or gigabytes processed). They are also different from one service to the next. Both conditions make it difficult for users to select a service, pick a configuration, and predict the actual analysis cost. To address this challenge, we propose a new abstraction, called a Personalized Service Level Agreement (PSLA), where users are presented with what they can do with their data in terms of query capabilities, guaranteed query performance and fixed hourly prices.

The source code for PSLAManager can be found here


You can try out the PSLAManager and PerfEnforce systems when launching Myria on EC2. Simply launch the cluster with the --perfenforce flag as follows: myria-cluster create test-cluster --perfenforce. Please note that launching a cluster with this command will automatically provision 12 m4.xlarge machines.


Source code is available on GitHub.